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hrm, am i out of the woods?

i guess i must be somewhat out of the woods, because i'm updating my journal. i'll just take that as a good sign although i keep guilting myself about whether anything i could post would be "good" enough. saturday mom and dad and i had some quality time at buddy's crabs and ribs; we got 4 tons of food and i think i almost singlehandedly ate it all. we then went to the home depot in search of a "shelving solution". we found it in the closet organization area, and i now have massive wirey shelves on my wall holding up all my stuffed animals. while we were at the home depot i also purchased a space heater because lately i have been constantly feeling cold everywhere i go in the house. and elsewhere, apparently, because i am freezing right now at work and no one else seems to feel cold. i'm already wearing gloves and a scarf and a hat while most people i see are just wearing a jacket. anyways, we're standing there staring at the various space heaters having a typical family debate, and up walks my very own Home Depot fan.

see, there's this guy that works at the home depot that ever since he saw that i knew my way around the tool section has jumped all over me (figuratively) every time i go to that HD. that's been a total of about 5 times now. he seems to always be working and he seems to always find me. he has these freaky blue eyes and looks (and sounds) like the biggest pothead since uh... some really big pothead. not that i mind that. it's the eyes that get me. he does that thing where he looks like he's staring into MY BRAIN. maybe he is. that'd be kind of cool. anyways, he ran up to talk to me and my mother, being clueless that this guy was my personal HD stalker, started asking him questions. AGH. anyways, i ran off, probably rudely, which was fine since all i wanted was shelving anyways.

later we went to the mall. i love taking my mom to the mall. for obvious reasons. poor dad had to suffer the mall but hopefully he didn't mind too much. we were still full from lunch and didn't even bother to have dinner. i said goodbye to them, feeling like we'd hardly seen each other, and then endeavored to stay awake all night. oontzgrrl called me from the party i was feeling too shy and lame to go to and that cheered me up a bit. i made it to about 5am (thank you, diablo ii) and then shut down. unfortunately i only slept until 10 or 11 which left me like, 24 hours i needed to stay awake. terrific.

sunday was spent... at the home depot again, at the thrift store, at the silver diner, and at telf's. the thrift store on a sunday is, trust me, one of the last places you want to go apart from maybe the bottom of the ocean. well, some of you may want to go there... but i digress. the place is full of people and man, it was not full of the nicest people this sunday. the highlight was tooling around the corner of the women's coats only to see these two chicks stripping down to try on clothes right in the middle of the store. now, i applaid their comfort with standing around in their underwear in public and all, but my god, putting on thrift store clothing without washing it? EWWW!! anyways, it didn't yield anything good, although i almost impulse-purchased some pin-and-string horse art. i forget what that's called, where the pins are pushed into black velvet and the picture is made by wrapping the string around it. anyways, jack pooped out on going to breakfast with me, and i didn't want to eat alone, so i called tzel and offered her some lunch. we shot the shit then i went to help her clean out her closet. then back home, then to work.

chris was talking to me alot at work and we narrowly avoided fighting; i think he was feeling bad and i was feeling tired and grumpy or what have you. i was so very tired by the time i got 2 hours into my shift that i declared then and there that i will work 5 8s this week. and actually, for all my bitching and moaning, only working 8 hours a night after working ten for so long makes it seem like it just flies by. i found out that last week we missed some outage and everyone was flipping out and they want to fire my manager, etc etc blah blah. we may even have a higher manager babysitting our shift. christ almighty!! maybe if their monitoring systems actually appropriately represented the severity of a problem, we'd have taken it more seriously. not that it wasn't our fault for not investigating it more thoroughly, but still. sheez. so anyways, today i slept and made myself macaroni and played diablo. totally lame. i should have been making my ultimate plans to start an anti-ageism organization or writing a novel (no, i'm not doing nanowrimo - moving sucked the energy out of me) or playing my guitar or harp or SOMETHING. as far as i'm concerned, playing diablo is about as productive as sitting staring at the corner.

most exciting word i used in ticket notes today: languishing
thing i have planned for tomorrow evening: bowling for columbine watching
experience i have never had: punching someone right in the face
important things i'd like to get done this week: my closet, registering the car, vote???
horrible realization: i probably can't go on a vacation next year because of my insurance payment
fabulous revelation: i might actually be getting a christmas bonus
black lining to that silver cloud: if that's true i won't get another bonus for 1.5 years
silver lining to that black lining: if i could stay employed here until 5/04 that would rock
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