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finally feeling a little better!

man, last week i was nuts... i think i may still be a little on the off side, but i feel alot better than i did two days ago. mom and dad are here and the new car is awesome, it will suit me nicely, although i'm a bit disturbed by how the brakes feel, but any issues with that will come up during inspection. i've been dreaming alot; thursday night it was the intense nightmares, most of which i can't remember but i vividly remember having a dream in which there were splinters in my eyes and breasts and i was trying to pull them out. last night it was the long, drawn out dream that i went to a giant camarilla game and saw all these people i hadn't seen in forever. for some reason in this dream i took a 4 hour nap on telf's kitchen counter. and there was some guy, i think he was based on a guy that actually exists, that was grabbing my arm trying to tell me that women belong subservient to men. weird.

last night we went to the cafe de paris; it was good, and jack treated us all, because he is the best. they did something to their gratin potatoes which i hate and they were not serving mashed potatoes with the pork chop. tonight i am hoping to convince them to go to buddy's (crabs and ribs). maybe they will also help me discover a shelving solution for my stuffed animal collection.

more on the car later, maybe a picture. well, that'd be alot later since i don't have a digital camera.
Tags: car, family, food
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