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this guy in the cube next to mine who should be gone by now is sitting in his cube continuously belching. like, not as a joke or anything. ugh.

today we made the living room more living-room-ey. i also burned a cd of music to fit my mood. i will be sad when i can't listen to cds in the car anymore. maybe i should use that first chunk of money that would have been next month's car payment to have a stereo installed. while my roommate was helping me get stuff out of the truck, i noticed that you could smell the weed from my neighbors smoking up incredibly strongly in the hallway. yowza. and to think i was worried about the incriminating evidence i found (the pipe che gave me years ago) when going through my box of sentimental junk. i think the drug sniffing dogs will most certainly concentrate on my neighbors' current smoking rather than my unused-in-three-years pipe. heh. legalize it!

12 maintenances tonight. at least it will keep me busy and not thinking, i hope. right now i'm happiest when i'm in my room.
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