keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

even more stuff done.

i just spent 2 hours at the old place cleaning; it was still a little dirty when i left, and i'm hella bad at spackling, but i think it's passable. it makes me really frightened for the way tiff and i left the place in alexandria. i am surprised they didn't try to hunt us down and burn us after how we left that apartment. ugh. i turned in the keys and said goodbye to the place. kinda sad.

i tried to make it so i could drive down to norfolk to pick up the car instead of my parents coming up here, but it's not meant to be. stupid enterprise doesn't do one way rentals. the other places seem prohibitively expensive. and i have to be at the SPCA friday morning. so back to plan B. i hope i can figure out how to entertain mom and pop when they get here.

canceled the phone. realized i should get magazine subscriptions for myself here. have 394586437856 places i need to contact to change my address. added the new car to my insurance. still to be done: sportfit and setting up online banking. now i'm going to try this sleep thing and maybe this time i'll not do it for 11 hours, ugh.
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