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not much to say

i slept for 11 hours yesterday by accident. i guess i thought i would just wake up naturally. oh well. i have to call the sportfit and make sure the racquet club has my accurate info on file so i can start going there. i have to stop by my old apartment and clean it, which i plan to do after work. i have to cancel my old phone line, i've been saying that all week. right now i have to update these three/four tickets that seem to have no clear course of action, but probably would if i were feeling more alert. lower down the priority list is reading the book club book, which god knows if that will happen, and uh... well i can't think of anything right off the bat but i am sure there are plenty of things i need to accomplish around the house it's just that my motivation to do anything about anything has evaporated. i should go for a run or something when i get done cleaning the old place, it might make me tired enough to go to bed. maybe i made it too dark in my room or something. i escaped having to go to training for some inane piece of equipment this week, but i might regret that later, who knows. until further notice all plans for my weekend are cancelled apart from hanging out with mom and dad.
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