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take a left, a sharp left, and another left...

dark of night, back again. it's the first night back at work and thankfully things are merely simmering. i have alot of email to wade through but none of it's terribly important than any normal stuff. the bad part about being back at work is the incredible bummer staying up all night and being alone is. all my insecurities creeping out and what-not. chris is talking at me a bit, which is (surprisingly) helping some, but i can't tell if it's out of a desperation for company or because it's actually helpful.

today we got alot done, most notably the kitchen - it's so tiny. i had a really hard time getting all my food stored and i'm wondering if i will have alot of trouble getting to any of it when i actually want to cook something. but it is starting to look like home! i need some kitschy fridge magnets so i can uh, declare my personality through them. or something. right now my fridge magnets say the following about my personality: "i am practical and boring." the cats haven't killed each other... there's been a little hissing and posturing but really, that's alot better than i expected. nicolas has even let me pet him since he found out that he'll be living with other cats. i took drugs and napped for a few hours, and my roommate woke me up so we could have some pizza and chat, and that brings me to work. i am sad that i didn't get to play and diablo with telf to blow off steam. feh.

coworker #1 didn't come in, and the new guy just left early, leaving me here alone. until 7am anyways. glad i got this mountain dew. and i don't even like mountain dew. also i can't find a place on the MVA web page to see what vanity plates are already taken. grr! how can i tell if the one i want is already taken? bleah.
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