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oh damn, slept 8 hours.

oops. i just slept for 8 hours. i am so screwed for work tonight! heh.

anyways, yesterday was one of those days during my vacation where i was destined to be super busy. i woke up early and made it over to examorata's old place to attempt to help move things; i only helped a little because i had to go turn right around and get dressed up and go to tiff's wedding/year-and-a-day handfasting thingy. that turned out to go really well, and was also very brief, and i got to run into all her friends that i knew from when we were roommates and they would be doing rituals in my living room. i found another livejournal user this way, mcoletti, and we chatted about books and why catacomb is dead. some of tiff's friends i just don't ever get, but mark and i tend to be able to get alog whenever i run into him at one of these things. it may be because i left a lasting impression on him in the circumstances under which we first met, which was the first and last time i ever went to bound. heh. let's not discuss that further, shall we?

at any rate, i had to cut out of there early-ish although well i didn't end up leaving that early, to try to get back to help moving, but wouldn't you know, all the work was done before i got back home. so now our living room is a giant pile of stuff! there is nowhere to sit. we will have to remedy this soon. i think if for no other reason than that we both want to be able to have people over sooner rather than later... not to mention it will help to get the cats settled. the cats still haven't met yet. eek.

after that i took a sort-of nap... i can't honestly remember if i actually fell asleep. then i called tzel and convinced her to get an account on so that at some point we can play some serious diablo ii to get our minds off things. ah, my vices... and then finally we went out to the halloween party at dharshai's. it was pretty low key, i didn't dress up as anything, which in the end made me sad, and jack didn't show up until like midnight. this also made me a little sad, but shit happens.

now it's almost time to integrate the household. then um, some diablo and maybe, uh, more sleep? sigh. oh yeah, and last night's weird dream was about me and chris in a post-apocalyptic world. he became famous and didn't want to waste time talking to me anymore and i was like, good, i'm going to go live on a space station or back on the desert world or something.
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