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I just posted this to diaryland, and then took it down:

I just want to say that it's all so stupid. All of it! We're all so stupid. I'm stupid, everyone is stupid. I'll show you a waste of time! Everything is a waste of time! Eating is a waste of time! Sleeping is a waste of time! Loving is a waste of time! It's so easy to be stupid. To make the same mistakes over and over again. To fuck things up. It's nobody's fault, and everyone's fault. There's no fucking point to any of it, ok?

I think the main question is, am I enjoying it? Is it fucking awesome and does it make me laugh? Am I going to regret it? Does it hurt anyone? Those are four main questions. Fuck.

Sorry. I'm just really angry right now. This isn't supposed to make any sense. It's just the really fucking stupid time of night. Fuck all.

I had a cigarette and I'm going to eat something now. That oughta help. Now, instead of fucking around and making myself feel bad, I'm going to do some work. Life is a beautiful, and funny thing.
Tags: depression
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