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I can't even begin to fathom how to catch up on the last few days. It's all pretty boring and mundane and related to moving anyways; I had to get my hundred bucks back from the Kia dealership (I had had them move a car for me) which worked surprisingly fine... The moving company sent a cute jarhead as I had hoped, uh, I mean, they moved my stuff really efficiently, although it took literally 3 hours more than last time. Therefore cost about 300$ more. Without the help of Jack and Telf, though, I never would have gotten it packed, which because of them turned out to be not the worst ordeal ever. examorata is moving in today and I hope to help her at least a little prior to going to my OLD roommate's wedding. Thursday I managed to put all my stuff together all by myself, and figure out what was wrong with my computer all by myself, so I was feeling good by the time I went to dinner at Pasta Plus with a bunch of coworkers from the heyday of customer support at Intermedia. It was a nice dinner and it was good to know I can still hang with all the various folks I worked with there. I really stumbled into alot of luck getting to work there. Anyhoo, I really need to go help my new roommate do some moving tasks, so this is all the update I'm composing, indeed, it's really all I have. Mom and dad are coming up here to bring the car, it turns out. Whee!
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