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So, two things are done today, sort of.

1. The stuff I was getting rid of is at the goodwill. Goodbye to the first stereo I ever had and to my Virginia Tech library chairs, all my albums and cassettes, I am now exclusively a CD collector. *sniff*

2. I bought another Ford Aspire.
2a. swartzdk is buying a '97 Ford Aspire in Norfolk, and I am paying him back for it when I get paid out from the insurance company. It has 56K miles on it. It has a radio. I think he said it's red, which is maybe good. Maybe drunk drivers will see me better.

Now I am packing like a fiend and a huge load has been taken off my mind. I am glad that my parents were so keen on me not making car payments, so keen in fact that they are helping me out in this way.

Now I need to find someone willing to drive me to Norfolk next Thursday or Friday. Anyone have some time to spare? Heh... :-/
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