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eeeeeeeee... no wait, higher pitched, more like, eeeeeeeee

painted all day. THANK YOU dharshai!!!!!! new room is green and brown now. drove kia again. went to carmax to look at acura after all. thinking i'll just open the paper when the check comes and purchase another ford aspire. i trust no other. i think there is a blood vessel in my head that is going to burst soon. all the fifteen post-it notes stuck to my desk do not have enough things on them crossed off. stuff has not made its way to goodwill, i feel like hardly anything is packed, and i'm no closer to having a car than i was sunday. i would say that all this craziness is rubbing off on the cat but at the moment he is lying on his back airing out his private parts per usual. i'm very, very happy with how the painting turned out. i miss my ordinary routine. i haven't had time to respond to vital emails and LJ entries, which is of course disappointing. gave chris something for his birthday today, and i had a giggling fit so extreme he was, i think, honestly worried about my sanity for a few minutes. i guess i did sound kind of looney. he just said this thing about V and i made this noise and it was hilarious... i own three boxes of stuff just in my bathroom, wtf is that??? ok time to go i feel guilty just writing this.
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