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sunday is doomed to be non productive?!

i did test drive the echo. unfortunately i spent almost 3 hours in there because i'm stupid and let them keep talking to me. it was supposed to be a quick half hour jaunt. i'm still totally undecided between the rio and the echo. the pluses and minuses seem to equal out for whatever reason. i should get the toyota, probably. but i'm going to drive the kia one more time... *sigh* i wish i had the compensation for the old car in hand so that if i DID find a 2,000$ car tomorrow i could just buy it and be done.

after the toyota ordeal i went to target and my blood sugar bottomed out and i felt like i was going to pass out so i ate a snickers before rushing over to tzel's to drag her out for THE CHEESE DIP. which was fucking fabulous, for whatever reason sometimes it's not right and sometimes it's just perfect. came back, got more boxes, started packing more, then jack called... he said he'd come by! yay. we talked and talked and stuff and went out to the silver diner and all was well and he helped me pack a little and then went home. yay.

right now i feel kind of like dog poop, so i'm pretty much going to bed. anxiety really eats me alive, and sometimes i wonder if i don't really have a disorder. because honestly, nothing is really going badly here. i can get financing, i have movers, i am well clothed and fed and shod. so wtf?? ugh, i feel ill... later.
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