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today was long!!!

i went home from work and like, packed up books and put my bookcases in the truck and carted them over to the new apartment. i was halfway through putting them all in the new room when examorata arrived with her books and bookcases and family, who are all really nice. i'm one of those people who has NO idea how to communicate with children, so the whole nephew thing was a little awkard. i think i managed to mask my sudden "AGH! tiny human!!" reaction and be nice. her brother bought us all lunch which was very sweet and then her dad helped me lug my heavy bookcase up, and all was well for the first phase of moving. now i have no idea where to even start for the second phase. i think it should be the "take the shit out to goodwill" phase.

so, in the middle of all this and not eating breakfast, the kia guy calls and is like, i found your perfect kia (i had given him my list of options and color) and i can run the financing right now no obligation!! i was like, i'm up to my arms in bookshelves!! it will have to wait!! so i called him back later, (like 3pm... getting close to being up 24 hours, which i am no good for) after consulting with dad and let him run the credit for the hell of it, at the very least to find out if i was EVER going to be able to get financing with my craptacular credit. after an utterly agonizing pants-wetting hour of waiting he called me back and said yes, some crazy bank would give me a loan! i will be so good about this! i will pay every payment right on time!!! it will be awesome!!!! now to decide if i want an echo. or a used acura. that's sort of how i've narrowed it down. rio, echo, used integra. we'll see. i wonder which is cheapest to insure? i know, i know, more car talk. now i am taking a break from agonizing over all of this (and then some) to go to devolutionary's birthday party.

oh and somehow today i fucked up my thumb, i can't bend it in without hurting. :(
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