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thursday night, as it turned out, was meant to be a relaxation night. i can't remember what exact sorts of errands i ran thursday morning, but by the time i woke up it was apparent that going over to knit with examorata was the best thing for me. it was nice that the entire knitting crew was there. we were so busy stitching and chatting that we even missed most of the night's television fare, which was fine with me. we all agree that luka's new hairdo is stupid anyways. heh. :) we made bad knitting jokes ("loose" knitters! ha!) (put a "spin" on it! HAA!) and there was a lace project, a scarf, a sock, a bag, and a sweater all going at the same time. WOO! I never thought I'd enjoy knitting circle so much. As a note, the lion brand cotton-ease 50 percent cotton/50 acrylic is unanimously the BEST sock yarn everyone's seen! i will remember to buy more.

i would like to note also that i am at this point having NIGHTLY dreams about cars. i REALLY hope that this is all over with soon. i have almost decided to shuck off all my previous doubts and just buy a new goddamn car with a WARRANTY and stuff. it's very, very, very tempting to be the only person to have driven and taken care of the vehicle. it would be bad news for anyone that wanted to smoke in my car though. :) wait... brb... okay. back. anyways, i went tonight and drove a kia rio cinco. kias have a HORRIBLE reputation, but they have the BEST warranty out there. i do not know what to make of this. i am kind of interested in defending the kia, because it's kind of the underdog... not to mention that the ford aspire was originally released as, you guessed it, the KIA AVELLA. hee. this review of the rio did not help me. it dissed the aspire outright. GRR. the other option in a new car is the toyota echo... and did you know... they have released several more versions of the echo in asia and oceania... ALL THE CUTER VERSIONS. i want to import. badly. :( at any rate... cars are basically all i think about most of the time at this point. i guess it's more fun to think about than packing and moving.

speaking of moving, friday morning i signed the lease. the apartment looks smaller than i remember it, but that is to be expected. i feel it will be just as homey and happy as the one i have now. also, i am allowed to paint, and i am thinking i might need to just to cheer myself up. sunday, monday, or tuesday are the only days i have to execute that plan. i also visited the SPCA to help with the cats again friday morning. i feel i am not doing enough. there is a lovely orange cat named Lonnie there who is obviously the sweetest sweetheart that ever was. i need a new favorite there since my old favorite, carina, got adopted! good for her i hope it is a good home.

and finally, i had another great laugh and surprise tonight while on the phone with my mom... i was talking about drinking and driving and how i'm less tolerant of it than i was before, and she started to talk about how things were when she and dad were young. i believe she said something like, "i think about how we used to go out and drink and drink, and we'd be fucked up, and go get behind the wheel!!" and i think i just guffawed, because i have NEVER heard my mom say that before. it sounded pretty natural though. :) she will be mad that i posted this. but it is worth remembering.

after i get off work tonight, my week vacation begins. strangely enough, my vacation is going to be full of work!! heh. hopefully it will all be the kind of work that ends up with long term payoff by making my new place to live more comfortable and making sure i purchase the nicest car i can to get me through the next few years. well, if i buy a new car, i'd better drive it for the next TEN years. i am trying to think about that, being 37 and driving a __fillintheblank__.
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