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i remember now why the winter makes me feel bad all the time. even if i leave the heat on just enough to notlet the apartment dip below 68 degrees, when it does kick in, it dries me out so bad i feel hung over. UGH. glad i bought that humidifier last year; didn't think i'd have to bust out with it so soon. maybe the new place won't be like that.

i figured it out and assuming about 30 years of period-having i'll have approximately 360 cycles. i have already had fifteen years, basically, of periods, so i have about 180 to go! may this be a task i get to see out to the end. 180 down, 180 to go!

i really like it when the cat and i have these conversations... you know, the ones where he just stares at me intently.

me: good morning, cat.
cat: ...
me: how's my little poopsie-woopsie this morning?
cat: ...
me: well, you look terrific.
cat: ...
me: don't tell me you're giving me the silent treatement again.
cat: *cocks head slightly to the left*
me: this always happens. i try and try and you won't meet me halfway.
cat: . o 0 (this bitch needs to get a life.)

he's been acting a *little* weird what with me packing things up... oh, he has no idea. i try to tell him but he just keeps giving me that same look. *sigh* please, nicolas, make this transition painlessly!!!
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