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in the home stretch...

i just came over all sleepy... i was going fine until just now. i am worried about the drive home. when it rains i definately have trouble with driving... if it's raining tonight maybe i will drive to the metro station and ride in or something. the truck did it's first random hydroplaning on me last night, around a curve going under 10 mph. the high from the adrenaline was still around by the time i got to arlington. that's not cool. the nice note from the drive is that i saw a little fox dart all the way across I-95... and make it! she really picked her opportunity well because it was pretty thick with traffic. in news of total strangers, leonard nimoy had a book out with pictures of naked people in it... and got in trouble! lame. i made some half-assed progress in packing last night and ate in the actual pizza hut restaurant (it's always better that way) with chris. we laughed like old times, what a relief. i got the book club book... but i doubt i will be able to start it before i finish confessions of a b-movie actor. 1.5 hours until i can depart. i will SO enjoy my pillows and sheets when i get home. like yesterday, i will tell the bed how much i love it and am happy to be spending time in it. i just hope it last more than 4 hours today. please.
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