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wah, 4 hours later.

i just woke up from actual pain. not from the accident, from cramps. Ow. Ow. i just want to go back to sleep.

but since i can't do that i'm going to record my dream. i dreamed that i was in a bizarre rollerskating-musical-LARP combination in a giant abandoned mansion/department store. i was playing some kind of elegant lady and i was wearing a black and white suit and the moment i walked in jack (or jack's character, i suppose) tripped me with some special power and embarrassed my character in front of everyone and i was hopping mad and told him he had to show me his item card now now now! then as i roller-balleted around this place we finally ended up in this massive ballroom and suddenly all the ladies were wearing these green (i mean, bright green with flowers!) polished raw silk dresses and sitting in these chairs that were all lined against one wall that had rollers on them and we were all singing the finale of the musical.

when i woke up i knew that one was a keeper.
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