keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

updated to-do list

1. tonight fax police report to USAA
2. tomorrow morning trade in rental truck since enterprise LIED.
3. make sure i know EXACTLY how long i will be in rental car. until approximately end of the month/depending on when they call it a total
4. call USAA policy re: MVA stated gaps in insurance for both aspires
5. call Damon at thrift store about picking up stuff 604-2400 gather stuff for thrift store in one pile and take it there in the truck
6. get boxes and buy some tape get even MORE boxes. masking tape. more packing tape.
7. cry stop spending money on anything frivolous at all ever
8. except the book club book. get the book club book immediately.
9. change of address form at
10. figure out a way to be zen about the fact that i have no idea if anyone will finance me into a new car
11. find and deposit mysterious tax return check from virginia!!
12. return movies
13. call briarwood make sure i know how much we need friday
14. switch BGE service
14. go to post office and pick up certified mail
Tags: to do list
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