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today has been a fascinating day at work. i got to put my hands on some equipment as well as seeing the newest biggest hottest thing in the lab. then some guy came from minneapolis (no one on my shift had any idea he was showing up, or i'm totally oblivious) to explain some stuff to us that we supposedly were meant to be clued in about long ago. i am still baffled by the architecture but i have come to expect that. i'm sure it's all proprietary so i won't say anything here and it would probably be extremely boring anyways.

last night the fun was that i got to watch the miami game (most of it, at least) and we won, and the entire game was very tense.

i am spinning my wheels on the two most pressing tasks in my life, which are dealing with the accident and moving. dealing with the accident is going to be hard when i have NO information about it due to the police report not getting filed yet. that makes a domino effect of any other efforts being somewhat pointless. i have had alot of advice about how to handle it which has amazingly included getting a lawyer which i'm thinking isn't actually in my plan. packing, well, i guess all i can say on that is that i have been slacking off. i need more boxes. alot more. i haven't been feeling well. i'm down to 9 days until the movers come; that's still a long time. i'll chalk it up to every spare moment between now and then should be spent on the effort.
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