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time passes

yesterday zarobi was sweet enough to take me out to the car graveyard to retrieve my things. it was not fun. well, the actual seeing the car was not fun. it looked worse than last time. then we went to eatzi's and got hoity toity food and took it back to columbia - along with some boone's. we watched trigun and i looked at consumer reports car guides. the truck is calling to me.

jwiv and traceracer came in and started watching Amelie (yay!) and the decision was made to go catch knockaround guys, and i followed suit after some debate. it was a complete madhouse at arundel mills, well duh, but i've never even seen it this bad.

i was too tired to drive to rockville so jack was seet enough to come over, but not before a quick and fun dinner at the diner. yay. he's kind of having to put up with the brunt of my whinyness and things which he is doing with good grace. i have been starting to feel depressed and i want to avoid that so i'm trying to be, again, very matter of fact about it, as in, i see this is happening, i'm just going to appreciate it for what it is to try to minimize it with rationality.
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