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how am i feeling? okay i guess.

my neck hurts a little. my mind still can't wrap itself around this. but i have alot of nice friends and people around me who are kind and that means i'm a little less freaky and a little more calm. i got the rental car, that is about as far as i *could* get with all the accident paperwork; no one can apparently officially file anything in under three business days, the police, my insurance company, anyone. SIGH. i avoided going to the place where my car is being stored to clean it out, because i don't know, i just didn't feel up to it. hopefully i will go tomorrow, i hate leaving my junk there. also good news: i called my manager and told him what happened and he told me not to come in saturday. he is nice.

tonight (last night?) i went to the macaroni grill to celebrate zarobi and scott's pre-wedding marriage and had a great time. on the way over i was like, oh god, i can't do this, but when i got there i relaxed a little and everything was fine. i'm a lucky gal, is all. despite my apparent bad luck! it's all a ruse!

i think i'm too tired to be posting because i'm not making any sense. i really like this rental truck. i have a few questions that i guess... well, it's un-journal like to ask but i feel like i need advice. i don't know if i should seek financing for a car when i get to that point. i don't know if i should just try to find another cheap car. and i don't know at all what kind to try to get. i really like this chevy S-10 that i'm renting! it is the bomb. what should i consider? should i get a more FUN car because i've been in cheap cars all this time? should i get the SAFEST car, like a volvo, because i apparently am a crash magnet? should i get another practical, fuel-efficient, car? should i get a truck? i have no idea.
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