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all hail the chef

tzel made the best dinner tonight. there were twice baked potatoes made with pepper jack cheese (i even liked the fake bacon bits), meat with sauteed onions, and garlic bread. and let's not mention the ten minutes we spent debating which boone's flavor to buy. we had the sweet extra-huge bottle of peach chardonnay. which to my surprise we finished off. with it we watched the scorpion king, which was kind of a conan-for-people-who-are-over-arnold or something. my hands still smell like garlic from the breadmaking activity. once again, just what the doctor ordered although we're both terribly paranoid about being shot. now i am going to go read (yes actually read, not listen to) The Hobbit and fall into a sweet, peaceful sleep. i hope! i so adore sleeping at night.
Tags: food, movies
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