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day notes

- i just had a dream before i woke up in which i was on a road trip with jen and paul yet i made them stop to talk to some radio station prize patrol people and we were close to winning but we had to go watch the movie ice age, and after that jen and paul were angry at me that i made them sign up and delayed our road trip. the dream featured a bunch of highways that are often in my dreams but don't exist.

- i only got four hours of sleep and i am not sure why, but it doesn't matter because i have an impromptu night off. because i am a sucker for punishment and will be working on saturday.

- i am off to have cheap recreation with telf. don't get the wrong idea here. we plan to hold hands and run everywhere with our heads down. telf had a good suggestion, if it were realistic: urban camo. i was asking her how much she thought kevlar vests cost.

- i'm silly and have been feeling piny.
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