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work is really draggy tonight. i'm pissy and paranoid. the new guy was doing one of my favorite little joyful organizing tasks when i came in. and of course, me being anal, he didn't do it the way i liked. but i asked him about it and he was like, you do a fine job, i think i was told to do this because they want you to have your mind on technical things. ha!! that's pretty funny, but i did stop being paranoid and take it as a compliment.

jack stopped by, impromtu last night, and watched the second half of the movie i had rented with me, the cat's meow. it was ok. i became somewhat depressed as i had to leave for work, but some music and crisp fall air helped. but tonight's just been bummery, even though it seems like no repercussions are headed my way for saturday's debacle. and i think i can even schedule around all my social events this month to my satisfaction. despite this BLASTED apparent change to having to come in at 11pm. oh, how that rankles.

i should go to the emissions inspection station this morning. i should be a good girl. i should, if i don't do that, pack things, clean things, organize things. i just want to go home and hide under the covers. maybe with a book, maybe not. i am also thinking about doing nanowrimo despite the fact that i'm not actually an aspiring writer. it just seems like it could be really cathartic. plus, my new roommate will be doing it too... plus, as i have stated, i really like counting things and seeing the numbers go up. i should apply this enjoyment to my savings account!

i feel bad here. i think i'm going to go away.
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