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woohoo! what a great weekend. well, apart from the whole "work" aspect. since i last posted, i went to dharshai and shawn's anniversary/wedding party. it was a total blast!! for one thing, i love seeing my friends all dressed up. everyone looked so fantabulous. at first i was being a little jerkus by being secretly inwardly whiny about the fact that when they started up the dancing, it looked like jack was not going to by his various comments. when he asked why i was looking so pouty, i eventually cracked and said that i was jealous of all the people getting to dance with their SO's and he was like, "you know, you just had to ask". heh. oops. being a manipulative girl again. he did dance with me and i was very happy and all was well. everyone danced! there was "i will survive" and "baby got back" and um... well, a bunch of stuff. let's not discuss "closer", shall we? dirty. i think the bride's aunt may have grabbed my boyfriend's ass. i think she grabbed many boyfriends' asses, though, so whatever! a good time was had by all. the food was good also. i was just pleased as punch. except that i had to go to work at midnight.

so i wasn't too worried about going to work either way, but by about 2am i was really sweating. i did a maintenance that went so, so, horribly wrong. as it turned out, it was ALL my fault. well, almost all my fault. i am willing to say it was perhaps my worst work-related night since i started working at qwest. byt the time everything was done, i'd say about 7am, i was in tears. i had woken up four seperate... no, five seperate people from their sunday morning slumber to help fix my mistakes that we didn't pinpoint until the end of the call. one of the guys, when i called him back the second time, had his baby start screaming in the background. i was so upset to have caused all that. it was like some deity sensed that i was a little too happy and needed a come-uppance.

i went over to jack's after that to cry on his shoulder a little and then fall into the sleep of the guilty-but-slightly-apathetic. i stopped at the rockville giant, though, before i went to his place, and realized that i don't understand why the giant there off randolph is so nice and clean and spacious and friendly, and the one here around the corner from my house is so dark and cramped and dirty and mean. how does that work?

at any rate, woke up and was lazy until msteleute realized she wanted to watch "The Mangler" which I can now safely say was a terrible movie. we also watched "The Queen of the Damned" which, well after the mangler it seemed to me to be a fine example of well-executed modern cinema. i then slept all night. stupid. now i'm trying to motivate myself to some packing and uh... i don't know what i'm going to do about sleeping. i'm scared it's going to be a mess. i guess if i get things actually done a little, then i can feel justified in taking a unisom and forcing myself to sleep some. i have no idea... i've just been going through my cassettes. i still have like 75 i haven't replaced with cds. sigh. i can't bring myself to part with them although i think i'm going to part with my 15-year-old stereo. i don't even want to get rid of anything! but i have to realize that's stupid. i'm with jack to a certain extent... less things = good. i've never believed that life is really about things. and have i ever listened to any of these tapes in the last year??? no!!!

in news of other people, a marriot is being sued for hosting a gaming convention. another example of the man keeping people down! or something.
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