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red dragon thoughts

so yeah, i didn't bother to move on to red hair last night because everyone liked the blond so much. when i washed it, also, and it didn't have weird spikey stuff in it anymore, the resemblance to thomas dolby kind of disappeared. so, for the movie, we hit snowden. which reminded me again that working at a movie theater is about one of the LAST places i would ever look for a job, even at my most desperate - they are SO dirty. ugh.

i don't even really want to say anything about the plot. what did i feel watching this... well, i think i was in the wrong mood. about a half hour before the end, i actually felt like maybe i should just go outside because then i wouldn't have to be so upset. it definately was a very upsetting film. then i realized that what the film was doing was putting me right back in the place i was oh, 7 years ago or whatever, when i read the book; as in, totally paranoid. like "ohmigodanyoneiseecouldbearavingpsycho" kind of paranoid. this is bad, since i work at night, and compound that with the crazy shooter running around, and i could have a full-on paranoia. all the actors were great; i mean, the movie really reproduced the book on the screen. but what i don't understand is... really... why? why recreate something that was magical and engrossing in a book on the screen? to me it flattens it and dries it out. bleah.

okay, that wasn't even spoilery. but i can't organize my thoughts very well right now. we stopped in at JSTA's and there were still people socializing, so we joined them for a while and then jack and scott watched monsters inc while i snoozed. came home, held my eyes open as long as humanly possible, slept and woke up. the cable company came and reclaimed my box for nonpayment which is fine because i was cancelling because of the move anyways. the cable lady was awesome. she had these CRAZY nails and short bleached hair and a huge cabley tool belt. she was very nice even though she knew that i'm a delinquent cable customer.

so that's all. pretty dull. i like to keep track, though. now, to go eat and make pretty.
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