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friday has been appearance day

yesterday i was going to quickly pick up a dress before i went out shoe shopping with dharshai et al. that was not to be; what was to be was alot of girl bonding and other people buying things. this was ok with me, as i said before i am not supposed to be buying things anyways. dinner at fuzio was really good and i enjoyed the conversation. after we regrouped at traceracer's to make sure zarobi didn't miss us too much (she didn't!) i ended up going to bizarrojack's even though he wasn't there yet. i even fell asleep before he got back from nation. so it ended up that we merely slept together (sleeping, sheez) as we both had to run when the alarm went off in the morning. it was weird.

so i went to the SPCA; it took forever to do all the cages this week because there were so many new arrivals. all the cats could be let out because the roundworm scare was over so there were lots of free, pissy cats. the newest arrival is matt; he's a buff shorthair. except that they had to shave all his hair off because when he was abandoned at the shelter it was completely matted. when he came in he weighed six pounds. six pounds on a full size cat is really not good. he apparently had to have an IV for a while before they could go ahead and put him in a cage. he was eating just fine today, but he looks SO SAD because first of all he's emaciated, and second of all he has all the hair on his legs, tail, and head, but not on his torso. i told them they should take a picture of him like this because he will be adopted SO FAST. if i had a digital camera i would so take one and put it up here. oh! our "shift lead" at the shelter was talking about someone who adopted two kittens, one of whom became sick and died. she said that this woman contacted an "animal communicator". i could tell the way she said it she was worried about how i'd react. i'm not sure i really can buy the whole pet psychic thing, but if someone else wants to, more power to them. it was just amusing. anyways, apparently this woman thinks that her kitten will be reincarnated into another kitten and she doesn't want to adopt until the "animal communicator" tells her that this kitten is back. uhh... okay.

after that i went to the bank and got the money order and paid the rent. yay. i will be glad when i don't have to pay rent with a money order anymore. after THAT it was arundel mills pt. 2. i went with the intention of buying a cheap dress, knowing that i had a backup dress at home, but i didn't. i ended up buying a jacket (understatement) to go over the (hold on, the cat's trying to kill himself.) backup dress. i also got shoes, and got my hair cut. i was just going to tell her to trim it until i looked over and there was this hot middle-aged asian lady hairdresser with awesome cute short hair. i was like, make my hair look like that. she said, i do her hair! and all was well. the clippers came out and there was frizzy pink fuzz all over the floor. of course, i got th crap scared out of me about halfway through this when the other hairsresser scared the lady doing my hair and she jumped about a foot and i figured, oh hell, there's going to be a big gap in the back of my head, but no, it was fine. when she was done cutting and spiking, though, i didn't look like the cute asian chick, i looked like thomas dolby. but that figures. i am currently in the process of bleaching the shit out of it. yay. then i'm going to see red dragon. double yay!

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