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long day, long night

i just slept for like 12 hours. ouch. i came home yesterday and just stayed up all day; this was kind of cool, but it meant i didn't even manage to stay awake long enough to watch the season premiere of law and order; i didn't even get through the opening credits. i did get to do the following: use my slim jim to get a lady's keys out of her car (because they actually didn't have one at the gas station, and the gas station people looked like they would rather stand around with their thumbs in their asses), have coffee with oontzgrrl, and see jack for a few minutes. i also missed a probably fun party thing at djmarionette's. oh well... i was SO dead. i can't even remember if jack hung around to watch L&O. i can't even remember if he said goodnight.

i would like to find the 20,000 dollar lottery. the one that has a small payoff, but not as many people enter so you might actually have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. that's all i want! not 2 mill! just 20 thousand!! it would set me back on pace! i could take control of my life again! or something. i did find an ad in the pennysaver for a surrogate mother, for 14,000 dollars, but um... no. not for fifty thou. sheesh. creepy. and in the pennysaver! i was just hoping someone was selling a used bicycle.

will someone help me take my tv over to tzel's? i need to get started packing but i can't think of where to begin so i just keep putting it off. this is NOT good.
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