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oh yeah...

i am down to 6 messages in my inbox!!!!! WOOHOO!!! i bet i can get it down to 2 by friday. it has everything to do with couting the keystrokes, i think.

i need to remember to get a pennysaver to see if anyone is selling used bikes. regular bikes - this is apparently NOT the year of the motorcycle as i'd hoped. realistically, there's no way i'm going back to the class before the end of october. sigh. but since i'll be in biking distance of the giant (not that i wasn't before, but it finally occurred to me) maybe i should get a bike. i've never used a bike with hand brakes before, so i'm wary of it.

oh yeah. and i need to get rid of my tv. i think that caused ALOT of my problems last week. i wonder if i at least unplug it then i will be less temped to watch it. at least for the next few weeks while i'm trying to get ready to move. i'm starting to get really antsy about it, realizing just how much JUNK I HAVE and the like. it's going to be important to take a little time every day and get some things together. *wrings hands nervously*
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