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i can hardly remember what has passed since last night! this morning i barely made it home alive - my eyes closed a few times while on the beltway. i was forcing myself to scream and cough and sing along with the radio and i had the window down and i was smoking to keep myself awake. i wish there was a dive hotel right near work i could hole up in on days like yesterday. i turned in my vacany notice at the apartment, and ran into my next door neighbors moving out; it's sad, except that i'm moving out next month anyways. i liked the next door neighbors because A) their daughter was so nice and always complimented what i was wearing with a look of awe on her face and B) i strongly suspected they were lesbians. oh well! i'll never see them again. on the plus side, i'll never hear their poor tiny noisy white dog again, either.

i got to book club vaguely on time but didn't get to finish the last 20 pages of the book (che guevara, the motorcycle diaries). for some reason, i couldn't get engaged in it. at least it prompted me to get myself a quickie lesson in south american history. it was a small meeting and a relatively short discussion, and mandy had gone out of her way to make things really nice for us. the surprising part was that no one had brought suggestions for next month, so we have to go soliciting. dang.

everyone seems in good spirits here at work tonight. i am glad, but time is passing really, really slowly and while i had a really good ride in, where i was feeling good and energetic and full of ideas about how to improve my life, i am starting to fade and it's not even 3am.

i haven't heard from jack today, i hope he's okay.
also, is kickboxing stupid?
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