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holy drooping eyelids

i'm so tired. it's made me grouchy here at work. i woke up at 11am yesterday, and as i mentioned, i knew it was going to be a fight no matter how i did it. i chose to stay awake, and here i am. it's been alot worse, so i'll try to think of it that way and keep myself occupied. i got here a little early so i hope i can leave within the next two hours. at any rate, i did go over and watch football, even though it was a sad day for miami and i couldn't even see any games on tv i was interested. i got further on my sock, although i'm not clear on this whole turning the heel thing. then i rolled out to rockville and partook of some hard times cafe which i really should remember upsets my tummy every time. it was good company though, and then msteleute and i talked about decor for quite some time. lars went and got us ice cream because well, he does stuff like that. then i came to work. outside i had a slight scare because there was a suit jacket and tie hanging from a tree with what looked like some rope. i got in the building as fast as i could because my mind works that way. since i don't have anything to actually say, here's a poll.

which would be the best, keeping in mind my desire for a 70s atmosphere, color scheme for my room?

a mod dual-hue on white.
a soothing theme in brown and hospitaly mint green.
monochrome. the sample is blue but it could work in many colors.

which is better:

spending way too much time and energy transforming old furniture
spending way too much money buying new furniture (or used, but still)
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