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obsessed? nah.

i have now moved into the new apartment (fingers crossed) about 295637486 times in my mind. i've painted, and placed furniture, and rearranged already. i've tossed stuff out and bought new stuff and compromised and built things. i've devised space saving solutions and envisioned totally impractical mod strategies. i have problems...

last night we toodled over to koira's for a mellow evening. there was no stated goal so for the most part we ended up chatting which was nice. it's true that i don't see enough of dharshai so i might show up unnanounced and sit on her couch and watch football. i need to finish the book club book kinda soon, oops! and of course, once again, i have slept on a saturday NIGHT which means that by the time i go to work at midnight i will be so dead. i'm debating taking a unisom-induced nap in the evening but that's SO how i got in trouble last week and ended up sleeping from like 4pm to 10pm every night. which makes me depressed. so, i may need to devise a chemical way to stay awake for 24 hours instead of the other way around. and i mean caffeine, not speed. sheez.

UPDATE: oh! i forgot the most important thing about last night. i learned that i can like something green!!!! i had some edamame and i *liked* it. I AM SHOCKED.
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