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this 7-11 coffee has the unmistakable taste of... ass

good morning. holy crap, i can't believe how little i slept yesterday/last night. i just had a meeting at work. i realized during this meeting that my SM is wise in giving the other guy the secondary managerial duties, because i have failed to do them many times because i usually think they are stupid and low priority. so i applaud his choice. it means i don't have to send out reports that i think are inane. it's not like anyone gets any money for more responsibility here anyways.

so, first thing i did yesterday was go to the bank after work and deposit my birthday check from mom, and then transfer a big chunk of money into savings. it will be gone in no time to the whole move thing, but at least now i know i can't use it. the second thing i did was to go to the starland to try to sell my neogeo pocket and my game boy. i probably had 200 worth of shit there but they only give store credit, so fuggit, i'll just have to try pandora's cube or funcoland. i only wish the guy had warned me about that before i spent 20 minutes waiting for him to process my stuff. the third thing i did was to have breakfast with bizarrojack at the diner. then he went to do stuff, and i tried to go to sleep. i slept on and off fitfully. it was awful. i gave up and arranged to have the cheese dip with tzel. as she said, we had terrible luck with this endeavor, but ended up with something sufficient, and half a margarita was enough for me to feel sleepy enough to take an hour long nap. but only after i stopped in at examorata's to drop off some apartment info and discuss housing.

does anyone want to do a halloween costume? i mean, i have some vague ideas, but unless i am moving THAT WEEKEND i think i'll probably want to do something. i was trying to convice jack to be prince lotor from voltron. he didn't like that idea. i don't understand that.

so when i got in tonight, i was pretty dead. i don't know why, but one of the swings guys picked that moment to give me a long lecture on why buying a house is the best idea and how i can do it with credit problems and with a tiny down payment and how i'm wasting my money renting, etc, etc. i have long believed that buying a house was the ULTIMATE COMMITMENT in life. like, something really, really hard that i'm not ready for. i mean, what if i want to up and move to california?? what if i get laid off? what if i want to not have to worry about plumbing? i mean, i have never understood getting married to a piece of property so young. but at the same time, lately i've been you know, watching trading spaces and shit. and the freedom to fool around with my abode's appearance would be really nice. i mean, i can't. i really do have no down payment and bad credit. and i don't care what swing shift guy says, i'm sure no one would finance me. and of course i am getting set up in a new household next month which i'm hoping will last a while, long enough for me to remedy the financial situation. it's just that for the first time i've thought of owning a house as anything but tragically bad.

monday is book club. JOIN US. oh yeah, and i finally got to almost the end of the lord of the rings on tape. golem just did his thing, but there are still three more tapes to go. i don't understand this. i also wonder if someone somewhere has written a book on how this story is really sam's, and not frodo's. yeah, now i look like a REALLY big dork.
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