keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

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yesterday bit.

i stayed up until 4pm. i couldn't sleep. i don't know if i wasn't trying hard enough or what. i ended up watching more hours of NYPD blue than i care to think about. i taped buffy and watched it while getting ready for work, which i was 45 minutes late for. i felt damn good on the ride to work for whatever reason, despite being a little freaked out by the helicopters circling my neighborhood clearly looking for bad guys. i also got a present from myself in the mail. i had some microwave crap, but right now i'm so hungry still i could eat a horse. work is smooth except that the manager put the new guy in charge when he's not around. which i guess makes sense given the politics involved and the eagerness he has, but damn. i've been here a year, and i sometimes show eagerness. um. sometimes. of course, i've crossed the shift manager too many times, i guess. oh well.
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