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as i walked downstairs today to go feed the meter i was struck with a vivid memory of childhood; i could feel a bit of the chill in the air and i was clinking my change together in my pocket; the smell in the stairwell was one of concrete and recently dried paint. i had a sudden vision of going to baylake pines elementary school, with the change in my pocket that promised a chocolate milk later on, and the great feeling i had going there and the hope that it was a good lunch that day. i can't remember anything specific, like what i wore... but i can remember that feeling. i wish i felt like that more often and it wasn't just a memory.

LEO (by
Do your friends seem down and far gloomier than usual, dear Leo? You might find their gloom contagious if you aren't careful. They may be totally preoccupied, so this is a good day for you to pursue your goals alone. Your level of concentration should be high, and you could well absorb more information than you normally do. If you have a task or project that requires your complete attention, this is the day to work on it. Good luck!

this is clearly a sign i should clean house and go to the mabon thing as opposed to going to buffy night. IF i bought into these things. :)

and, from

Those of you who are allergic to sports may gag when I use baseball metaphors in your horoscopes. Sorry about that. But I do find that the macho rituals of millionaire athletes sometimes produce metaphors as vivid as the Greek myths. Anyway, the event around which I'm building this week's prophecy occurred in a baseball game between the San Francisco Giants and Florida Marlins. Top Giants slugger Barry Bonds (a Leo) broke his bat as he hit a pitch thrown by Josh Beckett. Normally, this is a humiliating event for the batter. It means the pitcher has fooled him. The ball doesn't travel very far or fast, and the batter is usually an easy out. Bonds has so much power, however, that the unthinkable happened in this case: The ball that splintered his bat into pieces soared over the fence for a home run. This is the operative metaphor for you in the coming week, Leo.
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