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surprise, surprise

wouldn't you know it, when you actually do work on shift, you don't have time to sit there and update livejournal. well, ok, it doesn't actually take that long to type up a post if you don't think too hard about what you're saying, but still, usually i've gotten bored and posted by now. things are going well, i think. i have been learning, over a long period of time, not to let things get to me. yes, there are people that don't like me or don't want to be around me. yes there are people that disagree with me. yes there are little scrapes and bruises and nobody always gets what they want. but that's no reason to stay awake an extra three hours fretting over it.

that said, i was awake an extra three hours today. fortunately, it was just because i was fiddling around online and then because the guy downstairs got home early and decided to listen to rap music really loud while vacuuming. i decided i wouldn't bother him and would eventually get tired enough to sleep. that happened... close to 4pm. i diligently woke up after one press of the snooze. (I know. the snooze. I HATE THE SNOOZE. but just this once...) i took my sweet time getting ready for work and watched some - you guessed it - law and order. what a boring day right? well, i did some practical things like notifying my apartment complex i want to leave and reading the thing about getting my emissions inspections. i hope my little car passes. how could it not? it's so little!

leaving the house i found out that the weather was SO AWESOME. it was fall! finally. of course, this does mean that i will see less and less sunlight, and it also is traditionally a season of personal drama for me, but i still like it and i felt damn fine on the drive in, even, dare i say it, kind of empowered. probably has something to do with my actually getting work done tonight. "wrapped around your finger" was on the stereo and i don't know, it just fit the mood. i just kept thinking about sting knocking down candles in a dark room.

this week i have to work earnestly on all things move-related and shore up my finances. pay what i have to pay, save what i can. i need to sell things, deposit checks, and throw things out. or take them to the thrift store, actually. tomorrow i think i might tape buffy (i'm going to need to know what happened or i'll be totally left out) and go to raven's for the mabon thing. who knows! none of it will happen if i don't get to sleep until freaking 4pm again.

lots more to do here. i'll be going.
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