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and i was doing so well

i was, i was making entries every day, but this week i fell off the wagon or something. it was sort of a busy week, although i didn't have to work for the past four nights due to some creative scheduling, but that's no excuse. let me see if i can get some interesting things down here before i have to go through my tickets.

thursday morning post-karaoke i was kind of hung over. oops! it's really a shame based on how little i actually drank. i must have had a previous dehydration condition. it took me all freaking day just to get up the energy to go to the planned movie. i stopped at the mall and bought some teenager pants first, though. i call them teenager pants because i had the feeling, standing there in the hot topic, that i had a sign over my head that said "TOO OLD TO WEAR THESE PANTS". well fuggit! i bought them. they have stupid pockets and tabs and hooks all over them. they are just the pants i dreamed of having when i was 10. i then made it to snowden in time to meet msteleute with whom i chatted a bit. examorata caught up with us and we commenced to watching Stealing Harvard completely alone. it was awesome! we could talk through the whole thing. the movie was funny without being obnoxious, and there was a SWEET 60s era van in it. currently the most memorable scene jumping to mind is "i was hungry, so i microwaved a brick of cheese." i can't decide whether that makes me hungry or fills me with revulsion. perhaps, like fear and arousal, both can occur simultaneously. after the movie, i had planned to go out to the club. (hence the teenager pants) i failed. i did have a great spaghetti dinner with msteleute, bizarrojack, and lars.

friday was kind of a lame shopping day. after doing the SPCA things, i wanted to get something for jack's mom as it was her birthday, but failed. i dragged jack to tjmaxx, eatzi's, and the snooty rich-lady strip mall with the sutton place gourmet. i found out that place has an yves delorme, where you can purchase, for example, a flat sheet for your full size bed for a mere 150 dollars. PHEW. i was warned that a cake from the sutton place would draw snickers from the eidsness clan, but my mother's feelings are ingrained in me and i like buying "nice" things when i can. so we nabbed a chocolate cake and i got some fancy ginger ale in bottles. i also got some fancy olives for tzel but haven't had a chance to give them to her yet. so long story short, we all rolled out to bowie in my tiny car (lars' was giving him trouble) and hopefully i didn't make an ass of myself in front of jack's parents. the cake was snickered at. i had a great time nonetheless.

saturday was pirate day! although for whatever reason, there was this lethargy disease happening with me, and apparently everyone around me, so that by the time we got to the renfaire i was dragging, and i hardly left the white hart. i missed the medaieaeival baeeaaebes (stupid weird spelling) but got to actually take in a show of the pyrates royale for once. the ONE thing i wanted to buy at the leather store had skyrocketed in price, so i didn't even spend any money. i ran into tzel who was hanging out with some folks i hadn't seen in FOREVER. it was nice to see leann again even though we parted on not the best of terms during a time of ridiculous melodrama. jack drove home sans pants because it was hot out and thank goodness we didn't get pulled over. the boys were both illin' when we met up so msteleute and i took advantage of their non-participation and nabbed some thai food from the new restaurant that just spawned out of nowhere, benjarong. at least, if it was there before, i totally didn't notice it. we returned and broke out the moulin rouge dvd. to my great surprise, i liked it. but then, i was in a sappy mood.

wiped out early every night this week. almost all my sleeping was done in the dark of night. a very strange thing, indeed. at least i know if i ever do go back to days, i won't have trouble adjusting! this morning watched some TS, had some breakfast at the diner including chocolate cream pie with more whipped cream on top than sand grains in the desert, and wandered home. found out my amazon seller sent me the wrong goddamn prokofiev cd but fuck it, i'm not sending it back, because i doubt they have the right one. took drugs, went to sleep, woke up, back at work. yip!

oh, and my whine for the weekend is that i'm getting this message, but i don't understand it. and when i think about it, it makes me angry. i feel misled. probably unjustly.
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