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i keep having bad dreams this week. this latest one i'm a little girl in a summer camp. i'm in the cabin we are staying in when i hear automatic gunfire. i glance over the couch i am laying in (somehow there is a couch in the cabin), and i can see all the mothers of the girls at this summer camp unloading their weapons into the cabin killing all of us, except for me and one other little girl. this other little girl and i wait until things have died down, and she then sneaks off to stab her own mother in the chest for revenge. her mother is actually my harp teacher from junior high school, i have no idea why. so we wait again and the cops come and round up all the crazy mothers but somehow don't get us, and we're kind of trapped there together until the cops get back, which for some reason i think is going to be all night. so i ask the other girl, please, promise that just for tonight you won't kill me, and she says yes. then i ask if she will promise not to kill my cat, who is with us, and she laughs and says flippantly, no, and i start crying and ask why, and that is when i woke up. i hate dreams like that.
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