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whoo - karaoke!

so! we did go, and we did sing. it turned out to be just me, cheetahmaster, and anne. which was cool, but i swear next time others will join us becuase

A) there will be a next time, it was awesome fun
and B) others will understand by my ringing endorsement that it was awesome fun.

so, yeah, i did two songs. first was fiona apple criminal, which i did ok, and then i did the mavericks there goes my heart which i totally botched.

there was a really good crowd - everyone was encouraging and nice and was having a good time. notable moments - the anniversary couple, the guy singing "baby i'm amazed by you" to his wife, who i congratulated in the bathroom, and yes, there was a heavy country influence in oliver's, and the dude doing let the bodies hit the floor. it was a riot. also, i am now making my karaoke goal to do paradise by the dashboard light with someone, because fucking a, that was awesome.

i think the appopriate comment right now is "HAPPY NEW YEAR".

everyone, please join us next time. i can't effuse enough.
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