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Man. We got this new guy in our department. I'm not really sure how he got in, but that's another story. He's good! In fact, over the past few weeks he's been taking us all to task for being slackers and having shitty processes. I'm so loving it. I am wondering if the general malaise and apathy will eventually get to him, though. When I started here, I, too, was kind of like, hey! Here's how we can do tickets better! Here's how we can make this more efficient! Try doing it this way! Which is what this guy is doing now. He wonders why there is no sense of urgency in this department. Well, that's because no one cares. I'm not sure if he is going to imbue us all with one, but he seems like he's going to try his damndest. I know I feel more interest in actually doing my job well, and I fully support his criticism of the processes and their duplication of efforts and wastes of time and lack of accountability. I came to work tonight still invigorated from last night's work. It sucks when I do a bunch of work and don't get any feedback on it though. I think I'm spoiled. It's like when you turn in an english paper that you think you did really well on and you wait two weeks and the teacher's like, I don't have the grades yet. BTW, I don't mean that as a slight to traceracer, because I doubt any of her students come to class feeling like that, plus I know she does a fine job. Plus, on top of everything else, I think I kind of have an ally. Sort of. I never trust people in the workplace. My dad taught me that.

Today I slept and then woke up and watched Law and Order and Charmed and changed the litter box and cleaned the kitchen. Utterly dull. Used to be a night like that would send me mad with loneliness. HA! Fuck you, loneliness!
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