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I've decided that boringness is who I am. And there's nothing wrong with it! I know how that must compel you to read on, but in case you do, I'm going to finish the entry... I'm hoping this week to trundle down to the Knights of Columbus and play cribbage with the local chapter of the American Cribbage Congress. I also hope to make a second stab at the excellent spaghetti sauce I made a few weeks back, buy some ornament hooks so I can finish decorating my tree, find a houseplant I can keep around that won't poison my cat, call my mom, and listen to some Elton John or Billy Joel. I'd like to finish up voting on a book for the book club, too. Maybe there are some more local book clubs I can join, but I did look around earlier and didn't find any. Oh, oh, oh, and I'm going to figure out how to program my VCR so that I can start taping... drumroll... Trading Spaces.

There's no need to be self-deprecating about it. I don't have to tell myself what a dork I am. In the long run, really, everyone is a "dork".

It's really nice at work when you get the "good" call and someone else has to grab the "bad" call.

Yesterday I meant to comment on two really cool videos I saw on MTV, or MTV2, I can't remember which anymore... but anyways, there were two videos that made me gape in awe and blissful wonder or just feel all warm inside, respectively. First, I saw a (new?) de la soul video, the song being called "Baby Phat" or something to that effect. It's got all these normal-sized women in hot clothes, and they all look good, and it's all about celebrating women who look, well, normal, instead of 99 pound fantasy women. I watched the entire thing with just rapt attention. It was the most inviting thing I think I have ever seen on television. It may call for a glowing email to them or something. I feel like I should encourage it. I can't believe the MTV conglomerate let those women with tummies and hips and thighs on the screen! WoO! Alright, the other video wasn't as, well, ground-breaking, but it did make me feel all warm and fuzzy, and that was the Dave Matthews video with this guy just wandering around getting people to hug him. I'm not sure I can describe it but it just made me feel all gooey-happy. He hugged Conan O'Brien, too! Conan rules.

If I think of anything more deep later, I'll post it... later.
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