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damn, i missed a day

i even got email from my dad complaining that he didn't have anything to read with his morning coffee. :) hee. so, what's been up since wednesday... hmm... i didn't go to work wednesday night, as because of an Anonymous Incident and various screaming kids and noise I didn't get much sleep. i stayed up all night and did laundry and hung out with jack and we made 3am spaghetti and watched the awful "mists of avalon" movie. i snoozed all day thursday and then ventured to the yarn shop!! since i slept through most of craft night the previous night, i was very happy to find that post-yarn shop examorata, mandy, amber and i did end up knitting a bit. then went out to rockville and watched silence of the lambs, where i got to see msteleute who has the cutest new haircut. i am jealous. i knitted all night and then went to the SPCA... there were many vacancies so the work went quickly. the cats there are so sweet and i am glad to see that they are getting adopted on a regular basis. when i started volunteering, it seemed like alot of them had been there a long time, and there was a really low turnover rate. recently it's been alot higher. so much love!! anyhoo, after the SPCA i came home to sleep some and then the great VET trip. i had to clean outthe carrier because it had been out on the porch and was nasty. he went into the carrier fine. the car was fine. in fact the whole trip was fine, except when we were actually at the vets, where he FLIPPED OUT. they had to use the lead lined gloves and everything. but he got a clean bill of health. the black sopts on his lips and nose are nothing to worry about and everyone there said that he was a gorgeous kitty. i have no idea how they could tell that, when the whole time he was a hissing, spitting menace, but maybe they could sense that he had an inner beauty. now, off to decide what to do with the rest of my friday.
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