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a normal day

i accomplished stuff today. the main thing was making an appointment at the vet for a checkup for the cat. for some weird reason, i'm really looking forward to that. i also managed to return both of the copies of the RotK book on tape, and get a new one that supposedly works. the returns desk at border's is apparently NOT just for show. they gave me a hard time about opening the stuff, though. how am i supposed to know it's broken if i don't open it? well, they think that people had de-magnetized both of the previous purchases with the security thingy. oafs.

in exchange for homemade stir-fry, i took tiff out to teach her manual transmission. after 2 hours in the parking lot, she drove home, so i'd call it a success. i'm either a good teacher or it's damn easy to learn to drive stick on the aspire. probably more the latter.

now i'm here at work and there's a moderate amount of work to do, i have a 3am and 5am maintenance, and i got in early. my feelings on the Obvious Topic are pretty much summed up today by frankensteela.
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