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i spent the evening in quiet contemplation with cat, knitting, and monday night football as my companions. i was considering going to the black cat to see phantom planet, but a funk had settled over me and going out was not something i was eager to do. i think the quiet evening helped lift the funk, although i'm disturbed at my choice of menu and decision not to go for a walk. tomorrow my isolation will likely continue.

coworker number 1 and i just had a horrifying conversation about the difference between contentment and happiness in a relationship. he's in a "content" relationship, and doesn't look to be interested to get out (unless someone hotter comes along, from what i can gather) so i like to talk to him to find out what kind of crazy shit he says. i feel for his girlfriend, i really, really do. anyways, it came around to how you measure the good and the bad of the situation, and the following horrifying exchange ensued:

cn1: i know what you mean, man, it's like... DAYAM, she's got an 18 charisma, but 2 wisdom!
kim: actually, for me it was like, 18 charisma, but chaotic evil alignment.
cn1: hahahahahaha
kim: shut up, i know it's a stupid conversation! you started it!
cn1: you know, i think lawful evil would be worse.

if only the phone hadn't rung, i bet we would have kept that up all night.

7-11 visit tonight yielded one extremely drunk portly man in a suit pretending to be an FBI agent to everyone that passed by. "Stop right there! I'm the FBI! Show me your badge!" isn't that the other way around sir? but he said he liked my hair.
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