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oh my god, who can DVR the old 120 minutes on VH1 classic for me? I had no idea they had this.

I just heard about this on the Crowded House fan list.

This was such a big part of my musical education!

I am tempted to call the cable company and upgrade to that package immediately.
Girls rock camp is in the WaPo and the Examiner! I cannot believe it's the last day.

Where am I?

I am at home. But really only temporarily; Last night I definitely dreamed about rock camp. I can only imagine what the main organizers are going through.

I was going to talk about some of the experience and about why I appear to have semi-randomly started up a new blog outside of LJ but I can't think. I used it up.

I am guessing there also is not going to be a whole mess of me reading LJ or email this week, so, um, patience?


Oh, but I do feel extra-alive. Yeah. It's good.



Since I finished re-reading Watchmen last night, I was wondering if I could get you all interested in some cheap internet punditry.

What are you worried the movie will get wrong? What is the most beloved aspect of it for you?

And in case it wasn't obvious, the thread will be for people who have read it and therefore be spoilers up one side and down the other. (I mean, unless everyone is too busy for armchair movie critiquing this morning.)

edit I ask this because my friends list has been peppered with posts that are, essentially "please don't screw this up".


Please Come Support Rock Camp!

I don't beg (too) often for people to come to things, but this time I really mean it! Come out and support the first class of Girls Rock Camp in DC! August 16th at the 9:30 club. I will be coaching one of these bands on to success so come out and cheer for them and give them encouragement!

Girls Rock! DC Showcase

OH YEAH I should post the direct link.


Berkeley Springs!

I had quite an emotional rollercoaster all the way through the weekend... fortunately I am pretty sure I can attribute at least some of it to the ol' feminine business. I couldn't figure out why I was so hateful and cranky towards the end of last week... well, now I know at least in part.

My 33rd birthday came and went, I had a little dinner with some friends - I wanted to include more of my wonderful, giving, terrific friends, but it wasn't going to work out. Things had to scale down this year due to stress. Tapas was lovely and I was grateful for getting to have a night off from studying and stressing. Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes - they got me through an irrationally tough week.

Thursday night I ran around packing - you'd think for a 2 day trip this would be quite simple, but then you're not me. I was worked into quite the froth. It doesn't help that right now deadlines at work are looming, and my final exam hadn't been taken. (It has as of this morning, and I am pretty sure I did just fine.)

Friday after work we were free!! tzel allowed me to run the stereo and the weather was lovely and despite a touch of traffic, we made good time. There had been a request for Shoney's, as the nearest is out there by I-81. Fortunately for me they were having a seafood buffet. After that it was a short hop to the West Virginia line and the town of Berkeley Springs. The weekend was full of laziness, hot-tubbing, walks about town, reading, and more hot-tubbing. For a girls' weekend the topics ranged far and wide (not that I expect girls to only talk about shoes!), although I think the farthest and widest was a historical lesson on sharecropping... yeah, I still can't get over that. (And I don't think I talked about shoes more than one time.) Of course, I took a few pictures...

Suess Tree the photographer wrought grace Leaf Lovers Group shot!

Of course you should probably check out the whole set with notations here.

Now I have THREE, count 'em, THREE weeks of no homework or studying. I hope to finish some or all of the ten books I'm in the middle of reading... I am so fricking relieved to be done with that online class. You'll hear more from me later as it's 1 week to rock camp and that means I'll be plugging the showcase.


A Query

Name me at least one thing that everyone seems to really like that you just can't get into.

Name me at least TWO things that you enjoy which are not enjoyed or maybe not known by many other people with whom you fraternize.


tennis, dark knight, gaming, etc

I have started off the week on the wrong foot, what with waking up at 5am from a dream where I slept in til 3pm and missed all my meetings and got chewed out. It felt very real and I was in a mild panic for a few minutes... but fortunately was able to go back to sleep.

Last Thursday we assembled a ragtag crew for a crab leg night; Captain Jerry's is under new management (although we can't remember if it was last time we went) but the crab legs taste as sweet. Service there is always spotty but you can always get a table, so I am not complaining. eedge and her family just moved back north and I am glad we could do a little socializin'. I also found another cheap beer to add to my list of beloved cheap beers; bud light lime. It's definitely the kind of beer I can put a 6-pack of in anyone's fridge and expect it to still be there when I return.

examorata and I managed another tennis date on Friday, and this one was a doozy. We were out there for 1.5 hours, with a little break, but my wrist didn't hurt much afterwards and I maintained energy! Her intrepid coworker who can actually *play* tennis came out for a bit and hit the ball at us, doling out many compliments! I wonder, are any of you guys out there in internet-land also interested in playing tennis? I would like to play more, or there might be times when Jen can't go and it might be nice to still play! I am kind of doubting I could talk Jack into it.

Saturday my big plans were to see the batman movie and maybe level up one or another of my WoW characters. Done and done: batman stuff behind cutCollapse ) After the flick I dragged Jack through the LLBean and the rest of the mall. Didn't buy much since the birthday is coming up and you never know. We polished off the evening with Sushi King and then herded our slowpoke mains to level 69. We may have level 70s before they raise the stupid cap again!

Harvest Moon DS makes me feel like a moron, by the way. Tiny children can play this game, and I'm still wondering if my turnips will ever grow and where I can get more seeds. And then I read online that you have to like, raise the entire town's friendship factors? This game is too open-ended for me. But, see, I promised Jack I would stop playing Jewel Quest because he thinks it is rotting my brain.

drivingblind re-kick-started his tabletop game, from which we have had a 3 month break, in medias res. It never ceases to amaze me the wit and wisdom of rob_donoghue who, frankly, is the brains of any operation. Do you have an operation? Does it need brains? Talk to that man. We cracked wise a bunch, but by the end of the session Things Got Serious. We will have to wait a month to find out what happens! I proved that no matter what kind of game mechanic you give me, I will fail to understand it in some critical way. This week it was XP spending.

When I got home I forced myself to hunker down and finish off the last of my rote crap work for my class. Now it's just the final exam & rewriting my paper. The prof hasn't given me her comments so that last part will be a challenge. Grr.

As a reward for that (I did not deserve a reward for that, it is just what I needed to do!) I bought myself a new domain name, which I may or may not turn into an independent blog, inspired by my good friend Genie. I also may have screwed up by getting the username on LJ when I probably should have just renamed this one. I am a little hesitant to let go of snidegrrl, is all. I did fix it so that snidegrrl.com and .org forward here, at least.


Food! Question!

Who here has been to the Lebanese Taverna?

If you have, have you had their garlic sauce?

If you have had their garlic sauce, do you have any idea how they make it?

Because I need to mainline it into my face.



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